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Publishing Service Package 


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Manuscript Outline Development 

Individual Services


The Outline Service creates an individualized outline in chapter form to help produce writings. It is written in question form prompting response. This is very effective for those who have scattered thoughts and need to hone in on what they are wanting to write. 

Book Cover

The Book Cover Design Service is for those who may have their book completed and simply need a book cover. Blessed With Words partners with 3 designers who are capable of creating hand drawn covers or digital design. If you think it, it can be done. 


The Editing and/or Proofreading Service is for those who are publishing with Blessed with Words or another publishing company. This includes developmental, grammatical, copy editing and proofreading your project for content. 


The Formatting Service will put your manuscript in book form (page numbers, border, headers, title page, bio page, dedications).

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